About Yoruba – Origin Myth

The Yorubas constitute one of the largest and most important ethnic groups in Africa, located in the Southwestern part of Nigeria. They regard Ile-Ife, one of their major ancient cities, as their cradle. There is much debate, however, about their origin.

Some put their origin in Mecca in the Middle-East, some put it in Egypt and some put it in ancient kingdoms of Meroe in Eastern Sudan. Whatever the case, one thing is well-known: The cast brass heads from Ife-Ife are “technically perfect and extremely life like”, an indication of a civilization in an epoch gone by.

The preponderance of the culture of the Yorubas attest to their civilization. William Bascom, an American anthropologist, (The Yoruba of Southwestern Nigeria) has this to say of the Yoruba people: “Nearly all of the slaves brought to the Americas came from West Africa, between Senegal and Angela, and no African group has had a greater influence on the New World culture than the Yorubas” who were carried to the West in “untold numbers” and whose “descendants still preserve Yoruba tradition. In several parts of the Caribbean and South America, Yoruba religion has been accommodated to Christianity, with Yoruba deities identified with Catholic saints. Yoruba language is still being spoken…  Read More

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